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White Hair Extensions – How Popular Are They?

White hair extensions are becoming more and more popular, with models and young celebrities choosing the dramatic white extensions look.

If not for white hair being so popular today, you would have considered that the person with the white had was ageing prematurely. Now you’d look at white hair as being in vogue as the catwalks attest.

There is a long list today of celebrities that have had the white hair extensions looks, including Gwen Stafani and Agyness Deyn. As celebrities they have an army of hairstylist at hand to look after the white hair extensions and to keep their hair strong and healthy.

Having white hair means can look amazing and is very dramatic but it is a colour that require a lot more maintenance than any other other colour due to the amount of bleaching involved. You’ll need to use the right bleach and toner so that you achieve the correct white shade and not yellow. Then you will need the best shampoo and conditioner to keep you hair in good condition.

This is a very informative video if you are bleaching your own hair.

However white hair doesn’t suit everyone and compliments fair complexions. So if you are really tanned or dark skinned then this would be a colour to avoid. You want the white hair to look as natural as possible and that will only happen if you choose a colour that compliments your skin tone.

If you want to add thinkness and length to your hair then some platinum white hair extensions can do that for you.

You will find platinum white hair extensions in a human hair blend at White Hair Extensions

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