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Wigs For Women With Thinning Hair – 3 Things You Can Do

Wigs For Women With Thinning Hair

Stylish wigs for women with thinning hair

The one question that is asked and why a woman would buy a wig for women with thinning hair… What causes this condition?

The most common cause of thinning or complete hair loss in women is some form of alopecia. It could be alopecia areata, where you lose patches of hair of alopecia totalis which is complete hair loss all over your body and not just your head.

There are some suggestions that these types of alopecia are caused by a auto-immune disorder. This is where the body’s defence system see’s hair as a foreign body and then attacks the hair follicles.

Hair can grow back and then you could lose it again. This is very unsettling and buying and wearing a wig allows some certainty back into your life.
If you do suffer from thinning hair there are 3 things that you can do.

Option 1:

Buy and wear a scarf – This is a easy and convenient way to cover thinning hair. If you don’t want to wear a wig then this is the perfect solution to cover thinning or complete hair loss.

The pros: A quick and fast method to cover thinning and baldness.

The cons: Some women still feel self conscious wearing a head scarf because it’s not a common occurrence to see someone wearing a head scarf.

Option 2:

Buy a Synthetic Wig – Synthetic wigs are great if you don’t want to spend much money on a wig.

The pros: You have a very low initial out lay and low maintenance because you only need to wash and then allow the wig to drip dry. Any Synthetic wig that has curls will see those curls bounce back when dry. Plus you do not need to sytle the wig everyday as the synthetic fibres keep the style of the wig..

The cons: Synthetic wigs, if worn everyday, will only last a few months. The synthetic fibres are more coarse than human hair. Also synthetic wigs can be quite shiny, which can make the wig look slightly unrealistic. Hair cannot be dyed and you cannot use heated tools on the hair.

Option 3: 

Buy a Human Hair Wig – Human hair wigs are the most realistic wigs that you can buy today. These types of wigs can range anything from £80/$123 upwards. There is really no limits

Pros: Your wig could last for up to 12 months if looked after correctly. The hair feels and looks real, which is why some refer to the wig as a natural looking wig. You can

Cons: Costs more than a head scarf or a Synthetic wig.

Depending on what type of human hair wigs you buy you could also have a wig where you can part it anywhere. These types of human hair wigs can be more expensive.

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